Flexible Quad-Surfaces for Transformable Design – PhD Position


The goal is to develop design methods for flexible quad-surfaces based on a recent progress in their classification. This will involve doing fundamental research (geometry, algebra and complex analysis) and writing computer programs (Rhino/Grasshopper plug-ins) in collaboration with other members of the SFB.

For some details on the project see the presentation https://www.geometrie.tuwien.ac.at/izmestiev/FlexQuad/Vienna18Koko.pdf

Specific Requirements

Necessary: Master degree in Mathematics or Computer Science; good programming skills in C++ or similar; interest in interdisciplinary research; good teamworking skills; fluency in English.

Desired: basic knowledge in algebraic geometry, complex analysis and geometric kinematics; experience in working with Mathematica or Maple software; experience with Rhino/Grasshopper.