Fundamentals in Computational Design (winter term 2017)

The main objective of this course is to reach a level in understanding and using C# (C Sharp), developing Grasshopper components in C# and geometry processing to be able to continue learning and keep exploring the field independently.

In detail this includes but is not limited to the following objectives:

  • basic understanding of the C# programming language
  • ability to understand and write simple C# programs
  • master the basic feature of the Visual Studio IDE
  • insight into the RhinoCommon C# library and the RhinoScript interface
  • creating and debugging own Grasshopper components (plug-ins)
  • recap existing and establish needed mathematical foundations
  • insights in mesh processing

The course introduces students to the basic concepts of programming, geometry processing and computational design. It will allow interested students to better understand, interface, customize and extend digital design tools – in particular Rhinoceros 3D (Rhino) and Grasshopper.

This course covers the basics of the multi-paradigm programming language C# (C Sharp) and the use of Microsoft Visual Studio as an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for writing, compiling and debugging C# programs and specially to develop own Grasshopper Components (plug-ins).

The basic mathematical concepts needed to do geometry processing are recapped, this includes subjects like vectors and matrices and linear equation systems. These concepts will be applied in programming. Grasshopper plugins to doe mesh processing, e.g. mesh smoothing.


9/10/2017 – 20/12/2017


Detailed course information here.

Fundamentals in Computational Design (winter term 2017)