Introduction to Computational Design (summer term 2016)

Aim of this lecture series is to give an introduction to computational design from a variety of different perspectives and different fields.

Lectures will cover various aspects of computational design, ranging from mathematical or geometric foundations to aspects of algorithms and software implementation as well as applications in civil engineering and architecture.


  • Hertrich-Jeromin, Udo
  • Ferschin, Peter
  • Füssl, Josef
  • Kaufmann, Hannes
  • Kern, Christian
  • Müller, Christian
  • Musialski, Przemyslaw
  • Nawratil, Georg
  • Pottmann, Helmut
  • Rist, Florian
  • Suter, Georg
  • Wimmer, Michael
  • Kovacic, Iva
Dates (expired)

9/3/ 2016 – 29/6/2016

Introduction to Computational Design (summer term 2016)