Talk by Simon Flöry (Rechenraum GmbH) on “Points, Lines, Triangles – Custom-tailored 3D/CAD/CAM Software made in Vienna”

Time: Wednesday 13 January 2021, 11:00 am – online.

Abstract: This won’t be a commercial presentation. Instead, we talk about what we like most: combining geometry processing, numerical mathematics and computer science to neat algorithmic solutions. We’ll start by looking at 3D scan data processing, and give special emphasis to various 3D shape registration challenges. A tour of as-automatic-as-possible CAD/CAM tools showcases 3D geometry processing in dental engineering and industrial production. Reducing dimension to 2.5, we conclude with an excursus to geospatial data processing.

Bio: Simon Flöry, holding a PhD in applied mathematics from TU Wien, is founder and managing director of Vienna-based Rechenraum GmbH. At Rechenraum, we develop custom-tailored 3D/CAD/CAM software to process, understand and model 3D data. Founded in 2012, we’ve been serving our customers and partners world-wide in medical/dental technology, 3D scanning and industrial applications ever since.