Integrated Planning (Iva Kovacic)

The Mission of our research group is advancement of Integrated Design and Planning Methods supported by Computational Tools for Modelling and Analysis in the earliest design stages. Thereby we apply simultaneous, multidisciplinary collaboration in order to generate new knowledge in the process of finding and creating the customized design solutions.We regard Building Information Modelling (BIM), as one of most important modelling methods for the support of Integrated Planning; bearing promise to reduce the fragmentation of the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) and thereby enhancing the multidisciplinary collaboration.

BIM, as a joint knowledgebase for life-cycle analysis and optimisation of e.g. structure and construction, energy and resources, and finally costs is a topic of teaching as well as of numerous research projects of the group, such as BIM_sustain, BIMaterial, BaMa_Balanced Manufacturing and other.


Resarch Projects

BIMaterial (closed)
BaMa_Balanced Manufacturing (closed)
Geometry Discretization for BIM-Based Interdisciplinary Data
Stadt der Zukunft
Virtual Wood Labs
Innovative Brick 2

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