This was the GCD Symposium 6


We are pleased to announce our next annual Symposium on Geometry and Computational Design which will take place on Nov 29, 2019 at TU Wien, Kuppelsaal.

We will have a series of lectures by leading researchers presenting recent developments in geometry, computer graphics, computational design and architectural engineering. Please forward this announcement to people who might be interested in the event.

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MICHAEL WIMMER, Director of the Center for Geometry and Computational Design
MICHAEL DRMOTA, Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Geoinformation

9:45 MIRELA BEN-CHEN, Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
Chebyshev Nets on Discrete Surfaces

Coffee break

11:00 JAN KNIPPERS, University of Stuttgart, Germany
Integrative Computational Design and Construction for Architecture

11:45 KRISTINA SCHINEGGER, University of Innsbruck, Austria
Vague Geometries

Lunch break

14:15 PETER SCHRÖDER, California Institute of Technology, USA
Shape from Metric

15:00 KATHRIN DÖRFLER, Technical University of Munich, Germany
Strategies for Robotic On-site Construction

Coffee break

16:30 VITEZSLAV STEMBERA, TU Wien, Austria
How to Predict the Plastic Collapse of Structures Efficiently?

16:45 GORAN SIBENIK, TU Wien, Austria
Data Exchange between Architectural Design and Structural Analysis Models

17:00 ARVIN RASOULZADEH, TU Wien, Austria
Variational Path Optimization of Linear Pentapods

17:15 MICHAEL HENSEL, TU Wien, Austria
Embedded Architectures – En route to Data-driven Modelling for Architecture and Environment Integration


We would like to greatfully thank our sponsors VCC at KAUST, ATP architects and engineers and A-Null Bausoftware!

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