THE CENTER FOR GEOMETRY AND COMPUTATIONAL DESIGN is a reaction to the need for research at the interface of Technology and Design, two strongly coupled areas which are essential for the progress in modern societies. Established at TU Wien in November 2014, the center comprises expertise in geometry, geometric computing and various areas of Visual Computing and Architectural Informatics and Architecture. We perform cutting edge research at the interface of Mathematics, Computer Science and Architecture and Design, and contribute to the education of a new generation of the brightest, both technical as well as artistic, minds who understand geometry in order to design the innovations of tomorrow.

GEOMETRY has a long standing tradition at TU Wien. It has always constituted an area of strength in the history of this University, through a connection of pure research with applications in science and technology. Leveraging on existing strengths in Geometry, Computer Graphics, Architectural Informatics and Design, the Center for Geometry and Computational Design will serve as a focal point, where geometric theory, motivated by technological needs, is turned into next generation tools for computational design and digital fabrication.

GEOMETRIC MODELING is currently a major bottleneck in the product development cycle, due to a strong separation of design and technology, leading to multiple feedback loops. Our center will contribute to a resolution of this problem, by developing novel smart computational design tools that link shape modeling with essential aspects of function and fabrication, and that will become an important factor for success in increasingly competitive markets.