Mechanics of Materials and Structures (Josef Füssl)

The research group Mechanics of Materials and Structures is part of the Institute for Mechanics of Materials and Structures, which focuses on the synthesis of experimental investigation and numerical modelling of the mechanical behaviour of materials at different length scales, thereby bridging engineering mechanics with physics, chemistry and biology; and by the application of the developed constitutive models to structural analysis. In the course of the last decade, the Institute has become a world leading research institution in multiscale mechanics of materials.In recent years, wood and wood-based products have become a major focus of this research group. A better understanding of their mechanical behaviour at different scales of observation and, subsequently, the development of advanced prediction tools represent the main research goal. With respect to the centre for GCD, in that way, a reliable design of geometrically complex two- and three-dimensional building structures consisting of diverse-formable wood products should be made possible.


Research Projects

Computational Design of Timber Structures – Linking Form and Mechanics
Innovative Brick 2
H2O – Mechanical performance of a wood-glue-aluminium composite
Virtual Wood Labs