Rendering and Modeling (Michael Wimmer)

Our group performs fundamental and applied research in computer graphics, in particular in the areas of modeling and rendering. Computer graphics forms the bridge between the human user and geometric models. We research methods that allow geometric shapes to be visualized more efficiently and realistically on the one hand, but also modeled more intuitively on the other hand.

For example, with novel light-simulation approaches, we can simulate complex materials and lighting situations while a user is interacting with a scene. We have developed various ways how to reconstruct both simple and detailed geometric shapes from point clouds acquired by laser scanners or photogrammetry. We also apply the methods of computer graphics to develop novel geometric modeling paradigms, especially procedural modeling. We also investigate and develop new shape modeling and geometry processing algorithms for personal fabrication. Finally, we study the impact of computer graphics methods on user perception in order to find more efficient interaction metaphors.


Research Projects

A Test Suite for Photorealistic Rendering and Filtering
Path-Space Manifolds for Noise-Free Light Transport
Real-Time Shape Acquisition with Sensor-Specific Precision
TU Wien Research Cluster: Smart Communities and Technologies
Interactive Exploration of 3D Point-Clouds
Evocation: Advanced Visual and Geometric Computing for 3D Capture, Display, and Fabrication
Stadt der Zukunft