3D Design and Model Making (Christian Kern)

We are teaching and researching in the fields of architecture, art and design, our main focus lies on complex free form geometry. A main research focus is the integration of digital and physical design methods. Our aim is to connect creative intuition (as in sculpturing) with rationalized digital fabrication processes. In this field several relevant projects, processes and diploma theses have already been completed.

To be able to do cutting edge research in the mentioned field we set-up a the V2R_Lab. This lab is equipped with impressive machines, like an industrial robot, a 5 axes vertical machining centre, an injection moulding machine, 3D-scanners and digitisers, rapid prototyping machines, CNC mills and lasers-cutters. Thanks to those computer-controlled devices, physical interfaces into the digital world of form finding and production have become possible. In order to support the students in their understanding and handling of those interfaces we offer special courses for learning how to operate these machines and utilise them in design processes.

Research Projects

Rolling and Tumbling
Geometric shape generation



Christian Kern (head), Ilse Petermann (secretary), Florian Rist
Not pictured