Applied Geometry (Christian Müller)

Applied Geometry is a research unit at the Institute of Discrete Mathematics and Geometry. Our research is guided by a fruitful interplay between theory and applications. It is based on expertise in various fields of geometry, especially classical geometry, and is strongly related to Visual Computing.

We are well known for pioneering contributions to Architectural Geometry, an emerging field of study which is motivated by geometric problems appearing in connection with geometrically complex structures in contemporary architecture.

From the mathematical perspective, the relation between architectural geometry to discrete differential geometry is significant. Regarding graphics and geometry processing, architectural geometry yields interesting new questions but also new objects. Numerical optimization in connection with a thorough geometric understanding of the underlying problems plays a major role in our work.

Through the company Evolute which grew out of this research unit, our research has found practical applications in prestigious architectural projects.


Research projects

Algebraic Representations for Computer-Aided Design of Complex Shapes (ARCADES)
Geometry and Computational Design for Architecture and Fabrication
Discrete geometric structures motivated by applications and architecture
Discrete surfaces with prescribed mean curvature
Generating surfaces from curvature — a playful approach




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Former Members

Christiane Gartner, Christina Hoffmann, Florian Käferböck, Benjamin Prober, Julian Stolzlechner