Talk by Defne Sunguroglu Hensel and Ingrid Erb Gavrilovici

Time: Wednesday 17 June, 11:00 am
Place: Online via meeting tool


Defne Sunguroglu Hensel is going to talk about

“Architectural Ontologies for Data Driven Design”

This lecture will introduce the role of information modelling and ontologies in computational data-driven design. The use of ontology is aligned with computer and information science (AI and Knowledge Engineering), and adopts an informatics approach to the application of ontologies in architecture. The aim of this research is to bridge a critical gap between data and design, through (dynamic) information models that are tailored for specific decision needs, and the integration of knowledge-base with other computational methods in novel design decision support systems. The importance of ontologies for accelerating data-driven design is highlighted through selected projects in the domain of green construction.

Ingrid Erb Gavrilovici ‘s topic is

“Sketch as Sketch can”

Sketching is more than just a means of expression in early phases of architectural design. In the test environment of stage design, sketching becomes a medium of integration, an experimental platform of exchange and transdisciplinary communication.