Michael Hensel

Research Group: Digital Architecture

Digital Architecture and Planning
Treitlstrasse 3
1040 Wien

E-Mail: hensel(at)iemar.tuwien.ac.at



Univ. Prof. Dr. Michael U. Hensel is a registered architect, researcher, educator and writer. He co-founded OCEAN in 1994 and was founding and acting chairperson of OCEAN Design Research Association from 2008 to 2018. He now co-directs OCEAN Architecture | Environment. He is full professor at Vienna University of Technology where he heads the department for digital architecture and planning. Previously he taught at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London (1993-2009) and was founding and acting director of the Research Centre for Architecture and Tectonics in Oslo, Norway (2011-18). In practice, research and education he works intensively in an interdisciplinary mode and has co-pioneered research by design, experimental and computational design in architecture since 1994. Primary research interests and contributions to the field are performance-oriented architecture, embedded architectures and architecture and environment integration, as well as progressive approaches to sustainable and regenerative design. His work is multi-scalar and located in the intersection of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, climatology and ecology.

Michael Hensel