GCD Symposium 2

The members of the center for Geometry and Computational Design cordially invite interested company representatives, faculty, students and the interested public to our Symposium on Geometry and Computational Design on Nov 30th 2015 at TU Wien. This symposium follows up

Integrating Digital and Physical Design Methods

Topic Description To allow for participation, design must not be static: it rather needs to be reactive and adaptive and should be implemented on a higher level, using advanced digital modelling techniques based on parametric and procedural modelling, simulation and

Procedural Modeling of Architectural Heritage

Topic Description Procedural models can be used to encode design and construction principles of a particular building type, design style or cultural era. Relatively little attention has been given to adapt procedural grammar systems to the formal requirements of architecture.

Transformations and Base Shape Analysis

Topic Description Principal aim is to develop the mathematical foundation for a more intuitive yet procedural approach to the computational design of free-form shapes. In particular, a novel approach to the base shape analysis of a given shape will be

Interactive Exploration of 3D Point-Clouds

Topic Description This PhD thesis deals with the interactive exploration and manipulation of a generated 3D environment, for example large indoor spaces or cultural heritage sites, in an immersive virtual reality setup. For this, we use a previously captured 3D

Design of Large Multi-User Flexible Spaces

Topic Description Immersive Virtual Environments (VEs) provide compelling 3D experiences. With a wide-area tracking system to accurately measure users’ positions in real time, users can walk through VEs as in the real world. The team at TU Wien has recently

Motion Platform Optimization

Topic Description The number of applications of parallel manipulators has increased enormously during the last decades due to their advantages of high speed, stiffness, accuracy, load/weight ratio, etc. Certain drawbacks of such robotic platforms are the limitation of workspace and

10 PhD Positions available

The Center for Geometry and Computational Design is happy to announce to run the Doctoral College “Computational Design”. The Doctoral College Computational Design (DC:{CD}) at the TU Wien, embedded in the Center for Geometry and Computational Design, is the first