3D Reconstruction

The research groups of the center have long-standing experience with 3D reconstruction and analysis of geometrical objects of any size, with TEAM the reconstruction of real-time large scale indoor environments – in combination with thermal information for fire fighters for

Tracking and Motion Capture

„Tracking” is the precise measurement of an object’s position and orientation in 3D space. Interactive applications (including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality) often require the precise head/eye position of a user and a hand/controller position for 3D interaction. We have extensive

Design to Operation

Existing workflows to design, commission, and operate geometrically or functionally complex facilities are characterized by knowledge-intensive but highly repetitive tasks. Examples include the optimal placement of wayfinding signs, the detection and resolution of clashes in systems integration, or the dynamic

Design to Production

3D modeling systems provide the user with a variety of tools for generating digital models of almost arbitrary shape and complexity. However, these models may have to be adapted in order to facilitate manufacturing. A prominent example is the rationalization